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Ancient Architecture meets Modern Design

A total of 63 of the Motif Fresco Outdoor LED Wash Fixtures from leading professional and entertainment lighting brand, Blizzard Lighting were used to help retell the history that took place within the walls of one of Italy’s beloved wonders; the Colosseum.

Blizzard Lighting make professional and entertainment LED lighting products intended for use in venues, theaters, churches, clubs, your Mom’s basement, next to your pool and anywhere else you can dream of. With these credentials, the choice was clear who to turn to when it came selecting the lighting brand that would get the job done and deliver above and beyond any expectations.

The combined efforts of our sister company AVL Media Group, a distributor of the top premiere stage and lighting brands in Canada, and Lumin-ART were able to bring to life a historical exhibit of gladiatorial fights and naval battles that Julius Caesar himself would be proud of!

Yet another great adventure for Lumin-ART Productions! After working for some major productions, including Cirque du Soleil, Igloofest, Céline Dion and Madonna, Simon Gauthier and his team flew to Italy in order to light up the Colosseum, one of Rome’s most emblematic monuments.

Powered by VR technology, Sangue e Arena takes us back in AD 80, a time in which the Colosseum was awash in wine and blood from gladiatorial duels, staged animal fights and hunts, naval battles and executions of traitors and criminals. As a lighting designer, Simon Gauthier made a unique contribution to the making of this exhibition.

Together with Graphics eMotion’s great team, both companies delivered a sound and light show which blends fantastic light plays with stirring music and Italian/English historical narration.

For this time-travelling experience to fully come alive, extensive collaboration was required between the museums and exhibitions division of the Italian publishing house Electa, the management of the archaeological park and a research team of historians, artists, architects and archaeologists.

Thanks to this wonderful international collaboration, a digitally and historically outstanding exhibition brought the Colosseum back to life!